Lego Star Wars 3: Cheat Codes for Impressive Game

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Lego Star Wars 3 was created using the world-famous Lego and Star Wars worlds. Very competitive players look for secret codes that access new elements and features. They help receive every achievement and get the best gaming experience. If you are searching for extra help, use some cheat codes you’ll discover below.

Overall Impression from the Game

Those who choose to install the third part of the series probably already know how good the game is. Yet, the third release of the Lego games brings lots of surprises. The developers added new visual effects to make this edition the best from the series. On the other hand, the core of the game remained the same.

Lego Star Wars 3 covers the 1st and 2nd season of the popular cartoon series. Here players relive the iconic moments and use a star speeder in multiple situations.

Why Apply Cheat Codes

In case you wish to have the best possible experience playing Lego Star Wars 3, you’d better use some secret codes. They can enhance your gaming experience a lot. Besides, there are several types of cheat codes you may come across. All codes may be grouped into extras, vehicles, and characters. Players can also gather Minikit pieces to access bonus characters.


To activate new elements or weapons, a player should pause a game during play and go to extras. When you wish to activate invisibility, use the code J46P7A. To glow in the dark, players can try 4GT3VQ. The game has a dark side feature, which one may activate by using X1V4N2.


Besides, when playing Lego Star Wars 3, users can get access to various vehicles. The codes for the most popular ones include Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter – RCTFLV, Destroyer Droid – 9MUTS2, Super Tank – RYLVNW.


Using secret codes, one can even get other characters. For instance, to get Anakin Skywalker a player should use the combination F9VUYJ. Keep in mind that the code for Geonosian Arena will be different. Bossk has a code 2KLW5R, while Han Solo (Classic) got KFDBXF.

Unlocking All Achievements

In addition to all the exciting elements above, players should know that there are certain ways to unlock additional trophies. For instance, once you deploy 500 clones, you’ll earn the Attack of the Clones Trophy.

To get the most trophies, users should do all kinds of things, including collecting items, defeating enemies, winning battles, destroying Droids, and even freeing villains. The most popular way to earn new trophies is to complete certain missions/levels, namely Destroy Malevolence, Legacy of Terror, Jedi Crash, Liberty of Ryloth, etc. Each achievement brings a unique trophy to a player’s collection.

Bottom Line

Lego Star Wars 3 could bring you an amazing gaming experience if you use these cheat codes. Discover more possibilities and add versatility to the game.

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