How to Encrypt Internet Connection

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  • Modern business means the use, storage, and regular exchange of information between internal and external sources. It is obvious that unprotected Internet access is a real threat to the successful operation of the enterprise. So an obligatory attribute of its activities is the application of special data protection means among which the most common is Internet connection encryption.

What is encryption?

Encryption is converting your connection data into symbols that cannot be read without knowing the algorithm they were created. Its changing with the help of the selected algorithm is activated with a special key which also represents a specific set of symbols. The longer this key is, the more secure it is because hackers will need some time to find the right combination.

  • Importance of encryption

  • You should concern about your Internet connection encryption as nowadays, many reasons appear why it is necessary to do it. They are as follows:
  • Your connection data can be stolen by hackers. They can use your confidential information like your credit card data and passwords) for various purposes or send you to phishing websites.
  • Hackers can get connected to fake Wi-Fi hotspots created by themselves on your PC or smartphone and keep track of your online activities.
  • Your Internet service provider can view your personal details, sell it to advertisers, and see which programs and web pages you visit.
  • Such protection helps you avoid some government spying on your online activities.
  • Actions to encrypt your connection

According to many research, encryption includes several options. Take into account these rules:

    • Visit only websites with the HTTPS protocol. Get rid of HTTP websites for your protection during your activities on the web. Visit only HTTPS websites as they help you encrypt your traffic in an automatic way.
    • Use the browser extension HTTPS Everywhere. This is available on various browsers such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox that turn every HTTP link into an HTTPS page if technically possible.
    • Use messaging apps with end-to-end encryption only. That means to download such a messenger that will not have any problems in this regard: Signal, Wickr, Threema, WhatsApp, etc.
    • Make DNS over HTTPS. Create your Internet access safer due to HTTPS.
    • Download a reliable VPN service. It encrypts your traffic easily completely hiding your real IP address.
      • Conclusion

You should understand the importance of your Internet access encryption to protect yourself from hack attacks. This process is made with a special key, your information will be just a set of meaningless symbols without this key. You should try all the methods for your encryption described in this article, and your Internet traffic will be absolutely safe.

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