Avast VPN Not Connecting – Trouble Solving

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Avast SecureLine VPN is a popular VPN service. It delivers numerous benefits to every user because it secures the connection. Users install VPN software to increase anonymity, protect personal information, bypass content restrictions, and stay secure on the Internet. Avast VPN acts as a link between the customer’s device and the Internet (or the website a user wants to access). However, sometimes Avast users fail to turn on VPN and create a secure connection. Let’s discuss why it could happen and what you should do if you face such a problem.

Top 6 Solutions You May Try Now

There could be multiple reasons why Avast VPN is not connecting or working properly. It could be a bug in the update, for example. Sometimes the issue is not even related to the software. Users can have problems with an Internet connection or device performance. In case your Avast VPN software is not connecting, try one of the following methods.

Check the Internet connection

Verify your connection is strong and stable. Sometimes, the software doesn’t work simply because there is no Internet connection.

The simplest solution

Try restarting your device (computer or laptop). Surprisingly enough, it’s a popular solution to most problems caused by software glitches. Turn the device off and back on to see if the issue disappeared.

Change the server/country

Avast VPN offers users access to servers in over 30 countries. If the server fails, you may try connecting to another one. It’s not only a quick solution but the most efficient one if the problem with the VPN occurs. Change the settings and sort through servers until you come across a working one.

Check if the subscription is active

When was the last time you paid for the VPN service? Verify your subsection is still active or pay for the new one if the previous one expired. It’s the only solution you need if the problem is caused by this situation.

Reinstall the VPN profiles

It could help, too. Once you open the software, go to the setting at the top left side of the screen. In the drop-down menu, choose to Reinstall the VPN profiles. If it’s a software bug, this action will eliminate the problem.

Reinstall the software

You may opt for a radical method if nothing helps. Uninstall the program and install it again. Remember to log into your account after the procedure. If the VPN problem is somehow related to the software, this solution will be efficient.

The Verdict

You must have noticed that Avast VPN may fail to connect due to numerous reasons. To resolve your issue, it’s essential to figure out what causes the problem. Try one or more methods described above to fix the connection and get back to secure browsing.

If nothing helps, users can also reach out to customer support. Managers are likely to help eliminate the issue or explain what was wrong with the program.

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